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360Portfolios Model Performance

  • YTD 2024
  • (22-23)
  • (20-23)
  • (18-23)
  Benchmark 360P
AGGroMax -0.5% -48.2%
GroPlus -0.5% 0.5%
Growth -0.5% 0.5%
Growth & Income 0.4% -9.9%
IncomeMax 0.4% -10.0%

Last updated 20-Feb-2013

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How We Help ?

How we help

Defective Investment strategies wreck the best laid financial plans. Find out how 360Portfolios combats market risk and improves performance.

Wall Street vs Main Street

Wall Street vs Main Street

The definition of insanity is doing what you know doesn’t work over and over again. Discover how you can get one up on Wall Street with 360Portfolios.

The 360Portfolios Advantage

The 360Portfolios Advantage

Learn more about 360Portfolios and how to build customized portfolios engineered to beat the market. Allow 20 minutes to view including the Q&A’s at the end.

360Portfolios are powerful, institutional-grade Money Management models developed by a former Five Star Portfolio manager to beat the market. The model portfolios are superior to many widely used investment programs because they give investors an edge to improve their investment results. Better performance is built-in because the 360Portfolios focus on... Read More

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Dynamic algorithm looks across the Markets to find the best opportunities, scores the risks and applies a proprietary asset allocation formula to power winning portfolios. Portfolio updates provided based on Market developments.

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